Vesalius will get under your skin in Leuven this autumn

Vesalius will get under your skin in Leuven this autumn

INVITATION TO THE PRESS: 01/10/2014 - 10.30 am at M - Museum Leuven

Andreas Vesalius is very much alive after 500 years. Who was Vesalius?  A famous alumnus of the university of Leuven? The father of modern medicine? A prodigy in the field of anatomy? Is it true that he stole corpses at night? From October on he will get under your skin in Leuven, with exhibitions, dance, theatre, music, lectures and tours of the city. The full program will be presented to the press on October 1st .

The heart of the event is the exhibition ‘Vesalius. Imagining the body' in M – Museum Leuven. This exhibition will give you an insight into the life of this legendary anatomist and scientist. It will give you the opportunity to learn everything about his life and work, to take a look at his masterpiece ‘De Humani Corporis Fabrica’ and to analyse how Vesalius changed the perception of the human body and how his anatomical knowledge lives on in art and science.  

At the same time, the first solo exhibition in Belgium of contemporary artist Markus Schinwald (Salzburg, 1973) opens in M.


10.30 am            

11.00 am            

Denise Vandevoort, alderwoman for culture of the city of Leuven
Vesalius gets under your skin in Leuven
Rik Torfs, rector of KU Leuven
Vesalius, alumnus of the university of Leuven

11.30 am            
Visit to the exhibitions with curators Geert Vanpaemel and Eva Wittocx

11.30 pm                              
Presentation of the multimedia wall ‘Landscape of body and life’ by Uta-Maria Ohndorf, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Belgium, in the presence of professor Jean-Jacques Cassiman

12.40 pm            

1.00 pm              
Possibility for interviews with curator Geert Vanpaemel and contemporary artist Markus Schinwald

At 2.00 pm you can trace Vesalius’s footsteps during a walk through the city. The tour starts at the reception desk of M - Museum Leuven.

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